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Characteristics of Box Girder Formwork for Bridge Formwork

Box girder internal formwork is an important component of bridge formwork. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of box girder internal formwork.


Requirements to be met by the fabrication of tunnel lining formwork trolley

The secondary lining construction (including the widened section) shall adopt the integral lining trolley with hydraulic automatic walking. The lining trolley shall have accurate structure size, good operation of various telescopic components, hydraulic system and electrical control system, and reasonable setting of various supporting mechanisms; it shall meet the requirements of automatic walking and have locking device to ensure accurate positioning.


Chengdu Ruilong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Labor Day Holiday Notice

Hello! According to the requirements of the notice of the general office of the state Council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2021, Chengdu ruilong machinery manufacturing co., ltd. hereby notifies the arrangement of the holidays for labor day in 2021 as follows:


Introduction and use of tunnel lining trolley

Tunnel lining trolley is a professional equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the whole process of tunnel construction, which is used for the construction of the concrete secondary lining of the tunnel cavity. Concrete lining trolley is an essential non-standard product for secondary lining in the whole process of tunnel construction. The key is simple lining trolley, full-hydraulic drilling rig fully automatic walking lining trolley and net platform lining trolley. The lining trolley of full hydraulic drilling rig can be divided into side arch type, full round needle beam type, bottom mold needle beam type, full round shuttle type, etc. In the construction of hydraulic tunnels and bridges, it is also widely used to improve the slipform, lifting slipform and casting.


Warmly welcome President Luo of Chengdu Craftsmen College and his party to Chengdu Ruilong

Warmly welcome President Luo of Chengdu Institute of Craftsmen and his party to visit Chengdu Ruilong. Only by promoting craftsmen and advocating craftsmen can craftsmen of a big country be brought up.


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