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Our company adheres to the tenet of "using artistic means to perform rigorous industrial production and smart construction sites", and promises to provide customers with efficient services with better product quality. The following is the recommended list of business areas provided by our company to your organization, please refer:


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three-dimensional design class]

Three-dimensional animation of industrial products, railway, highway, municipal administration, bridge and tunnel, construction three-dimensional animation, bidding report display multimedia animation, industry exhibition and exposition publicity animation, enterprise publicity animation, static design of industrial product modeling; Static design of industrial plant layout; BIM dynamic process simulation animation of industrial production line.


Graphic Design Class]

Software UI, enterprise VI; Design of product picture album, publicity board newspaper, anthology, image wall, etc. Printing, plate making, decoration and other physical production of relevant design layout.

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film and television production category]

Video shooting and aerial photography services; Late non-linear editing of photos, videos, texts and other materials; Academic popular science videos, teaching and research principles videos, and report summary videos;


Program Development Class]

Development of VR virtual reality simulation interactive platform based on UE4; Small program development based on PYTHON; Basic teaching software; Training simulation platform software; VR innovation application platform; Assembly building simulation; School-enterprise cooperation training base.

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