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       2024Year3Month22On the 2nd, the leaders of the transformation and upgrading research team of China railway 19th bureau group co., ltd and the leaders of Chengdu tianyou zhi tunnel company visited our company for inspection and exchange guidance. Company general manager Xie Yujun and other staff accompanied the reception.

01 R & D, production area observation

Part 01

 Before the symposium, General Manager Xie Yujun reported our main products and our company to the leaders of the research team in the observation hall on the first floor of the office building.Successful cases of assisting production compliance in key national projects, technical team building and acquisition of scientific and technological achievements, technical barriers to tunnel tooling equipment and iterative direction of the company's product upgrades. After that, the research group and its party went deep into the company's production workshop to observe and investigate. The leaders of the research group fully visited the mechanized production process of Ruilong intelligent equipment, the debugging and installation site, and the use of the special pump truck for the tunnel of the engineering chassis wet spraying machine. The inspection team conducted an in-depth understanding of our asset scale, annual output value, advanced technology, and advanced tooling equipment.

02Discussion and exchange

Part 02

After that, the research team and his party held discussions and exchanges in the conference room on the third floor of the company. Xie Zong proposed to cancel the drilling arm of the excavation trolley and use a small lightweight hydraulic drilling rig instead of the pneumatic drill for tunneling and drilling, locking the anchor bolt hole of the foot, drilling the grouting hole, etc. Introduced the upper, lower, cantilever full remote control inverted trestle, innovative telescopic, trestle to solve the problem of blasting shock wave damage before the bridge; introduced the characteristics of inverted arch slip, anti-floating frame; introduced the construction site waterproof board trolley and steel trolley use.

           Wan Zong introduced the company's main products such as double-arm rock drilling jumbo, arch installation jumbo, wet spraying machine, etc. The company is mainly engaged in intelligent technology research and development, construction machinery design, mechanical accessories, hydraulic power machinery and components, electrical machinery and equipment, intelligent equipment, production of intelligent products and construction machinery manufacturing, etc.

        Professor Qiu Wenge mentioned small multi-drill pipe hydraulic drilling rigs, hydraulic crushing tongs and other equipment, mentioned the environmental protection problems in the machinery industry, and put forward guiding opinions to the company: product design should not be based on customer requirements, but should have its own ideas.

        The general manager of the pipe explained the construction technology and materials of the waterproof board, and gave the optimization and improvement direction. For the excavation trolley, it is suggested that the length of the drilling arm should be more reasonable and shorter, and the drilling rig should be smaller. In-depth exchange of micro-step method construction technology and the hidden dangers existing in the large flat-square ratio of the upper step.

     It is agreed that the cooperation and exchange between R & D and enterprises is very important, and we should constantly innovate and win-win cooperation.

03 new journey new future

     Ruilong Machinery1.0Old factory area

     Ruilong Smart Dress2.0New factory area

04About Ruilong

Mission: Based on intelligent construction equipment of tunnel and bridge,have the courage to open up\Unlimited innovation to provide more stable, safe, reliable and efficient products.

Purpose: honesty, customer first, technology first, unity and cooperation, pragmatic.

 Vision: Create a leading brand in the industry.

 Ideas: Professional, single-minded, attentive, focused.

 Values: Manufacturing depends on low cost, competition depends on high quality, so that customers can buy satisfactory products, employees can find a home, and shareholders can be rewarded./Society, and suppliers win-win.

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