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Safety operation guide for tunnel trolley

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Before walking, check whether there are working personnel on the formwork trolley to ensure the safety of the working personnel.

Safety operation guide for tunnel trolley

1. Before walking, check whether there are staff on the template trolley who have already worked to ensure the safety of the staff.

2, concrete grouting underwater concrete concrete should be continuous, underwater concrete branch pipe should be from both sides to observe the mouth from top to bottom grouting, concrete is not suitable for long-distance longitudinal flow in the formwork surface, and should carry out moderate tamping, pay attention to maintain the concrete on both sides of the material aspect ratio is basically the same, the concrete aspect ratio difference on both sides should not exceed 0.6m, in order to prevent bias.

3. Provisions on grouting time: grouting shall be carried out at the upper end of the side formwork at the fixed joint of the side formwork for more than 9 hours, and the time required for all grouting shall be about 15 hours on average.

4. During the whole process of the second lining, it is necessary to check whether all connecting anchor bolts and supporting extruder screws are loose to prevent mold running.

5, to the top need to have full-time personnel to observe the vault concrete grouting condition, fill immediately stop pouring, to prevent the concrete of underwater concrete on the template extrusion molding caused by more serious deformation.

6, telescopic actual operation to pay attention to the gantry bearing beam and template at any time and anywhere, found that the problem should immediately terminate the actual operation, prohibit blind follow the actual operation.

7. When the trolley shuttles, pay attention to the interval between the trolley template and the concrete anytime and anywhere. If the interval is too small, immediately adjust the transverse movement and the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator.

8. Every time the oil pump motor is installed and the main power plug is removed, pay attention to the conversion of the gasoline pump. Otherwise, the gasoline pump will not pump oil, and will burn the gasoline pump in a short period of time.

9. When the template trolley must be transported, a vehicle with a larger template size than the trolley must be used. When placing, the template face down, the total number of overlap can not exceed five pieces, in order to avoid deformation, when bundling the car wire must be connected to the hanging ears of each template, in order to prevent drag.

10, when walking to prevent the ventilation pipe and trolley hanging and damage. The top and both sides of the trolley shall be observed by observers to avoid hooking of the trolley during the whole walking process.

11. The trolley itself does not have brake pedal equipment. When parking on a slope, wedge-shaped block or car stopper should be put on the parking part in advance.

12. Under the condition that the trolley is not needed for a long time, the bottom support should be reliably supported on the steel rail, the side mold ball screw should be well supported, the motor should be protected from moisture, and the switching power supply should be cut off. The outer surface of the trolley shall be polished and neatly coated with automobile engine oil and pasted with plastic film.

13. Warning signs shall be made at any time and anywhere in the passing space under the gantry frame of the trolley to prevent all vehicles from colliding.

14. The switching power supply of lighting lamps on the trolley must be 36V switching power supply. During the whole working process, all kinds of cables and power distribution cabinets shall be kept from being damaged, and those damaged shall be properly handled. After the work is carried out, the power supply test key (which can deal with ineffective leakage protector in time) shall be applied to cut off the power, and the ineffective leakage protection shall be replaced immediately.

15, each group of two lining accurate positioning of all ball screw must be firmly supported in a timely manner, to prevent the total number of ball screw caused by insufficient template movement or damage to the ball screw.

16, should be installed vault concrete tunnel detector, as an auxiliary equipment to cooperate with each other manpower to observe the vault concrete grouting status.

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