Ditch cable trough trolley
  • Ditch cable trough trolley

Ditch cable trough trolley

Adopt full hydraulic self

Key words:



Product Description

Technical parameters


● Full hydraulic self-

● Integral demoulding and die fixing

● Fast and convenient positioning, saving labor costs

● The overall construction of the ditch is more accurate and the forming surface is better

● With long-distance wireless remote control, easier construction

Tunnel and bridge tooling equipment is a special equipment for tunnel and bridge construction. Tunnel tooling equipment mainly includes shield machine, boring machine, tunnel cutting machine, etc., used for excavation and construction of tunnels. Bridge tooling equipment mainly includes bridge erection machine, beam section conveyor, etc., used for bridge construction and maintenance. These devices have the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and safety, which can improve the efficiency and quality of engineering construction. The development of tunnel and bridge tooling equipment continuously promotes the progress of tunnel and bridge construction, and provides convenience and safety guarantee for transportation.

The main products of the company include quick-frozen shrimp tail, clear water shrimp, series of seasoned shrimp and whole shrimp. At the same time, the company also produces seasoned frog, frozen boiled field snail, quick-frozen slurry-free fish fillet and prefabricated vegetable products such as chicken, duck, pig, beef and sheep. In particular, the crayfish product series, after thawing, still maintain bright color, fresh meat, by Beijing Haihun Group, Hunan Wenheyou and other major customers identified as the preferred product, in an increasing upward trend year by year, with broad market prospects.

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